Chicago Vintage

  • 3-ply shell - maple/poplar/maple
  • Shell-matched 3-ply "Response Enhancing®" reinforcement rings
  • Vintage 3-angle bearing edge
  • Punchy response with warm, maximum tone

Niles Vintage

  • 5-ply shell - maple/poplar/maple/poplar/maple
  • No reinforcement rings
  • Period correct 45º bearing edge
  • Crisp and lively response with bright tone

Available in the following colors (new colors coming soon!)

Our Super American series of drums are created from the highest quality hand selected exotic veneers.

Exotic veneers around a choice of cores

  • Choose from beautiful bubinga. Hawaiian koa and others
  • 9-ply shell

Our Verry Cherry line of drums start life as logs of Indiana cherrywood, hand-selected by Bernie Stone at the local sawmill. The logs are then rendered into thin veneers and placed in the molds in the order they were created in an effort to keep the contiguous nature of the wood "sacred".

Super Resonating® all-cherry design

  • 3-ply cherry core with cherry veneers
  • Tonally warm, rich and resonant response
  • Tonal color carries from the stroke all the way through to the final decay of the note